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The International Association of Visually Impaired Technologists, Inc. (IAVIT) promotes employment and career advancement in the field of Information Technology for people who are blind or visually impaired.

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Should You Tell A Potential Employer That You Are Visually Impaired? by Hettie Woehler . Hettie Woehler explores the importtant decision of when to disclose to a potential employer that you are visually impaired. Special to the IAVIT web site.

Job Announcements

Please send information on job announcements of special interest to visually impaired technologists to John Heim, john@iavit.org.

Equitable and Affirmative Action Employers

Many countries have laws requiring government and non-profit agencies to favor disabled candidates when hiring. Below is a partial list of links to web sites of agencies covered by these laws. Please send additions/corrections to John Heim, john@iavit.org.

United States

Please send corrections and comments to john@iavit.org

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